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DoTile Fit VIRTUS 50x50cm is a modular surface which has been developed for strength training areas, lifting and cross training areas. The product proves to be the ideal solution for heavy loaded areas, thanks to the rubber features that maximize impact absorption.
In addition, the product alleviates sounds and vibrations caused by the fall of weights and other fitness equipment. It also reduces the rebound effect from the fall of the objects on the paving/surface; this features provides users with an additional level of safety.  The VIRTUS provides a protective layer which preserves both the integrity of the underneath surface and of the training objects used.


DoTile Fit


BRAND DoTile Fit
TILE DIMENSIONS 100 x 100 cm
THICKNESS 10 mm | 15 mm | 20 mm | 30 mm
WEIGHT 10 kg (10 mm) | 15 kg (15 mm) | 20 kg (20 mm) | 30 kg (30 mm)
ASPECT Flat plate, made with fine-grained rubber, porous surface
DENSITY 980 kg/m3
BACTERIAL IMMUNITY Resistant to mold and bacteria according to the standard UNI 11021:2002
INSTALLATION Recommended on a flat surface (instructions on installation are available at the link below)
CHEMICAL AGENTS RESISTANCE Alkali resistant, good acid resistance
COMPOSITION Agglomerated rubber granules, high resistance polyurethane glue
PACKAGING Wrapped pallet 105 x 105 x 120 cm
COLOURS AND CUSTOMIZATION Black or with pixel finishes (red, green, blue, or grey). Customizations are available upon request.


Link to the Technical Sheet: Technical Sheet – DoTile Fit VIRTUS

Link to the Installation Guide: Installation Guide – DoTile Fit VIRTUS

The product does not require particular maintenance treatments. The tiles  can be washed with normal detergents for paving or sanitation. In case of liquid drops, spots must be removed and wiped quickly. Cleaning with hot water and soap helps to remove oily substances. Vacuum cleaner and broom can be used to remove dust and dirt on the surface, while a damp cotton cloth or mop can be used for deep cleaning.