DoTile Fit

DoTile Fit

Tecnhology functional to Training

DoTile Fit, reference brand for technical surfaces, was born in 2012, when an important Fitness Club had bought an outdoor rubber surfaces, but soon he realized that he needed to find a technical product designed specifically for training areas.

Following an in-depth analysis of the application context and the critical issues, we have developed VIRTUS, the first specific technical surface for functional and cross training areas

Virtus DoTile Fit

Over time we have expanded the range of technical surfaces with unique characteristics both in terms of performance and resistance over time.

Thanks to the experiences gained in the major national events and collaborations with the most important players in the fitness sector, it was possible to refine the choice of materials and the composition of DoTile® Fit surfaces in order to obtain maximum SHOCK ABSORPTION, to preserve both the tools used and the substrate, REBOUND CONTROL, to increase user safety, and LASTING ENDURANCE to allow gyms to invest in long-lasting quality.

DoTile Fit Old School

For a Customized Training Area

With DoTile Fit Training Zone you can configure and modify the layout of the training area, creating stations and circuits dedicated to functional training and transforming your flooring into a real work tool.

DoTile Fit Training Zone