Mens sana in corpore sano

Hive Center is a Personal Studio, where body and mind care come first. It has 180sqm space and it is sited in the western Milan area.

Inside the Hive you can find different professional profiles that are able to help people, may they be athletes or not, to take care of themselves at 360°

“I met Metem s.r.l. at Rimini Wellness a few years ago in the figure of Mattia. I immediately found a young staff, willing to satisfy my (our) needs and competent. The material is of excellent quality, durable over time and excellent for our center. Mattia gave me some very useful tips to make our personal training studio better without sacrificing spaces but making it easy for small groups, which was our goal. Last but not least the delivery factor … the timing was also impeccable, considering the fact that I had asked him for an effort to complete the works in time for the opening of the center. Council Metem s.r.l. for competence and availability. If I had to equip another center I would certainly get supplies from them. “

Mario RossiCEO - Hive Milano

LEGION branded equipment were chosen to set-up the PT Studio, such as WallBall, SandBall, Kettlebel and racks to keep them organized.

In order to enhance the space, we opted for an open-close Rig and a gymnastic ladder to be used as an anchoring point for elastics or gym rings

As flooring we suggested VIRTUS-S for a greater comfort.