Power Cuff

Power Cuff

A new concept of Gym

Power Cuff was developed in collaboration with the Master Trainer Guido Bruscia, founder and technical director of Functional Training Schoolbased in Italy.

Thanks to his knowledge and expertise we created Power Cuff the innovative and versatile equipment, which can be described as “The gym in a circle”

Why you should choose Power Cuff

I. Design
The internal handle was developed to give a balanced distribution of the load around the hand. The weight becomes part of your body allowing greater stability and movement control even with a high load.

II. Internal handle: shorter lever
The lever arm of Power Cuff is shorter than kettlebells and dumbbells. The internal handle decreases the distance between the application point of the load and the proximal and/or distal joints, this allows less stress on the joints and greater stability, allowing a better control of Power Cuff in all phases and types of exercises.

III. Ballistic exercises
Ballistic exercises like Swing and Snatch performed with kettlebells require a high technical skills and time to learn them. The same exercises performed with Power Cuff become extremely simple to learn and to perform especially for beginners.

IV. Load distribution
Power Cuff has a slightly smaller lever arm and different load distribution compared to dumbbells. Dumbbell has two “heads” which increase joint tensions in rotational movements (by simple acceleration), whereas the weight of Power Cuff is uniformly distributed around the wrist, thanks to the circular shape.

V. New exercises
This is one of the most interesting features related to the use of Power Cuff: a greater control of the tool and a reduced lever arm allow you to perform new types of exercises where ballistic and anisometric exercises can be matched in the same gesture.

VI. Space-saving
His compact and stackable shape allows you to arrange the complete series in a much more content space compared to other equipment

The partnership with Functional Training School allowed us to design Water Pipe, the exclusive Water Barbell available in 2 versions: 130 cm and 70 cm length